Monday, 27 August 2012

Sad News

I am sad to announce that I have left the CraftyMess Challenge Blog. I am sad as it was my first ever DT post, however it gives me a lot more time to learn new techniques and skills for the amazing 'Crafty-Emblies' page.

I am still happily admin for the CraftyMess Facebook group as it would take a bomb to get me out of that group lol

This is a sad time but also a very positive time. If something isn't right then it isn't right. I wish the DT well.

Onwards and upwards and bring on the Emblies lol xxxx


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your news hun, but like you say you can put all your energy into Crafty-emblies xx

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving but you know in your own heart when the time is right to leave. I have just left a Design team too.

Good luck in Crafty Emblies I am sure you will go from strength to strength.

Big Hugs
Linda xxx

PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

Thank you ladies :-) the way it has taken off I imagine that Crafty-Emblies will just grow and grow :-)

Thank you for your kind words and support ladies, means a lot xxxx

sue - bearhouse said...

Hello Lisa, well done to you for being honest and making the right decision for you, as you say when something isn't right then it just isn't. Your happiness has to come first.
Take care
Hugs Sue

Cheryl said...

oh sorry to hear you are leaving sweetie,but good to be honest,and you can put all your work into crafty-emblies,and the group hehe,love you hun hugs Cherylxxxxxx